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Following are theory modules we provide to our students in regular class-room contact programm in the form of printed booklets. These are PDF files. Download them and print. All the files under one module hedding belong to one booklet. This is a copyrighted material and can be used only by an individual for non-commercial purposes with copyright information attached to it. In no case it should be modified or changed or reprinted or reprodued except one print for self use. Decleration
    S. No. Module Name Files in PDF
01. Basic maths and Kinematics of one and two dimensions First page
Mathematical tools
Units, Dimensions & Error analysis Study
Units, Dimensions & Error analysis Objective
Units, Dimensions & Error analysis Subjective
Kinematics Study
Kinematics Objective
Kinematics Subjective 1D
Kinematics Subjective 2D
Kinematics Additional Exercise
Kinematics Foumula Sheet
02. Particle Dynamics  
03. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies  
04. Gravitation, Fluids and Properties of materials  
05. Oscillations and Mechanical Waves  
06. Heat and Thermodynamics First Page
Heat & Heat transfer Study
Heat & Heat transfer Objective
Heat & Heat transfer Subjective
Thermodynamics Study
Thermodynamics Objective
Thermodynamics Subjective
Heat & Thermodynamics Formula Sheet
07. Electrostatics and Capacitance  
08. Electrical conduction and Current electricity First page
Current Electricity Study
Electrical conduction Objective
Electrical conduction Subjective
Thermal & Chemical effects Objective
Thermal & Chemical effects Subjective
Current Electricity Additional Exercise
Current Electricity Foumula Sheet
09. Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current First Page
Magnetism Study
Magnetic effect of current Objective
Magnetic effect of current Subjective
Lorentz's force Subjective
Electromagnetic Induction Objective
Electromagnetic Induction Subjective
Alternating Current Study
Alternating Current Objective
Alternating Current Subjective
Electromagnetic Waves Study
Magnetism Additional Exercise
Magnetism Formula Sheet
10. Ray and Wave Optics  
11. Modern Physics and Electronics  

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