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Following are the flashlets listed topic wise. To download left click on the particular flashlet and then chose
save link as. To view only just double click on it. In most of the flashlets you have to digout the controles. No reverse eng. or removal of copyright information is allowed. With copyright information in place you can use them for non-commercial purposes. To ask any thing or report a bug in to these please mail me at mks2347@yahoo.co.in
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1. Kinematics
01. Motion in 1 D
02. Motion in 2 D
2. Dynamics
01. Newton's first law
02. Newton's second law
03. Newton's third law
04. Application of Newton's laws
05. Work, power and energy
06. Conservative forces and Potential energy
07. Conservation of energy
08. Power
09. Centre of mass
10. Impulse and Momentum
11. Conservation of linear Momentum
Uniform Circular motion
3. Rotation
01. Torque and Rotational statics
5. General Physics
01. Newton's law of Gravity
02. Orbits of planets and satellites
03. Hydrostatic pressure
04. Buoyancy
05. Fluid flow continuity
06. Bernoulli's equation
6. Oscillation
01. Simple harmonic motion
02. Mass-spring system
03. Pendulum and other oscillations
7. Waves
01. Wave basics
02. Traveling waves
03. Standing waves
04. Sound waves and Doppler's shift
8. Heat & Thermodynamics
01. Mechanical equivalent of heat
02. Specific and Letent heat
03. Heat transfer and thermal expansion
04. Ideal gas
05. Laws of Thermodynamics
9. Electricity
01. Electric charge and Coulomb's law
02. Electric field

03. Electric potential
04. Electrostatics with conductors
05. Capacitors
06. Current, Resistance and Power
07. dc Current circuits
08. Capacitors in circuits
10. Magnetism 01. Force on moving charges
02. Force on current carying wires in magnetic field
03. Field of long current carying wires
04. Electromagnetic Induction
11. Optics 01. Interference and Diffraction
02. Dispersion of light and EM spectrum
03. Reflection and Refrection

04. Mirrors
05. Lenses
12. Modern Physics & Electronicsics 01. Photons and the Photoelectric effect
02. Atomic energy levels
03. Wave particle duality
04. Nuclear Physics
05. Mass energy equivalence

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