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Physics at +1 and +2 level is very interesting and away from undesired mathematical complications. It gives insight and understanding of various phenomenon in our day to day life. Studying it as a subject may appear a little difficult to some but if one relates it to his/her quest of knowledge it will surely become an enjoyable experience. The key to success in this subject is the interest of student in the subject, because it becomes very easy to learn something which one has interest in. We can remember the entire sequence of events in a three hour movie of our interest in one viewing but most of the times it is difficult to retain the information about the subject provided in a class of hour or two. It is because if we do not have interest we can not concentrate and if we do not concentrate we can not learn and retain the information. That is how some students perform much better than others. It is because they have more interest towards learning the subject then compared to others. There are various factors responsible for this level of interest of student in the subject. Motivation to achieve best possible result, prior knowledge of the subject and most important the way subject is delivered in the class by subject teacher, are few of them. Therefore if you want to excel in this subject you must make sure that you enjoy it and it is possible only when you understand it thoroughly starting from the basic fundamentals of the subject. It requires extra efforts. You must come prepared for the class knowing class-schedule before hand, and if possible a prior reading of the topic to be done in the class will improve your understanding manifold. Here we have presented some material which may help improve your understanding of the subject. Enjoy learning PHYSICS.the subject. Enjoy learning PHYSICS.

M K Srivastava

(B. Tech. C.S.T. IIT-Roorkee )

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